You might want to be a security guard really bad, but sometimes, this work is just not for you. For example, if you can never be serious at work. This job is very dangerous, and you will need to focus 100{a09961adefc142a94dc1f2d8fdaade653c4fae1db6db6a072adc0a7c597d34dd} at all times, so you will not put yourself or others in danger.

Pay Attention:
If you are not an attentive person, you will not make a good security guard. You need to be smart, but also have common sense and critical thinking. Just knowing facts and history, does not qualify you enough for a security guard job. You need to know how to react if certain situations arise.

You are not overly friendly:
You need to be personable, but not overly friendly. If a person is in distress, you need to make them feel safe and make them understand that you are trying to help. You still have to give the message that you have an authority as you do not want to be deceived by a bad person.

Being physically fit:
You do not have to be a body builder, but in this job, there will be times that you’ll have to run or chase someone. It is crucial that you are fit enough for the job.

You take your job seriously:
As a security guard, you have a responsibility, to take care of people, a property, or valuable items. If you do not do your job correctly, you might be putting everything at risk including yourself.