You will first need to learn how to communicate well and actively go out of your way to improve your communication skills. In order to do that, you will have to practice assertive communications.

There are 3 main types of communications: aggressive, passive-aggressive, and assertive.

Aggressive communication is when your voice is louder and your language could be more offensive. Your body is tenser and you might use aggressive movements in order to get your point across. This type of communication generally makes the other person feel small or unsafe or even threatened. It will not gain you respect.

Passive-aggressive communication is usually used by a person who can’t stand up for themselves or they don’t say what they really want to say. They try to keep people happy but when they don’t communicate their needs it becomes frustrating and they may try to take it out on someone else, irrelevant with the situation.

Assertive communicators are confident. These people say what they mean but do it in a way that is not hurtful or offensive to others. When you use assertive communication, the person that you are talking to will leave feeling like you were very thoughtful and that you had their best interest in mind and will be happy that they worked with you to solve a problem.

Show respect:
You will need to give respect, in order to get it back. The way that you talk to people, the language used and your body language can show respect.

Be consistent:
Follow the rules at all times, and not only when people are watching. People will trust and respect you more if they know you are consistently good at your job.