To perform your job effectively as a security guard you need to earn respect from those you serve. The position may not yield much power but you are an authority. However this power must not be misused but projected in order to make work easy and effective. So how do you go about projecting your authority?

You’re not only representing yourself but also the company which you serve, you need to project an image that people like. When it comes to dressing, you need to be smart; the uniform should be clean and properly ironed. The shoes should be well polished and the cap, if any, should look presentable and smart. When people see you, they should get an impression that you are a professional. They should recognize you by the uniform; avoid jewelry and other fancy clothes.

Measure your words
Appearance is not enough, it has to be combined with other aspects, to get attention and command respect. It boils down to the way you speak to others, be they your colleague, visitors, or employers. Measure your words carefully to ensure that they ooze confidence. People will not respect you if you show disrespect in the manner in which you speak to them. Be courteous to visitors and colleagues too, use language that is appropriate. You may be a person who is fond of foul language; this is inappropriate at the workplace. You will be meeting people, who are different from your usual crowd, learn the language which you need to use. There should be no swear words. Working as a security guard will see you change your attitude towards people, you have to learn to like all, regardless of how they present to you. Use a language that attracts people, treat them with dignity and you will earn respect from visitors, colleagues and above all your employer.

Be knowledgeable about your organization
You must be knowledgeable about the organization that you are working for. You are most likely going to get questions regarding areas where people can get assistance. Have this information with you, if you do not; then direct them to places where they can be assisted. When you do not have a clue about areas where clients can get their issues sorted out, you lose points. People will overlook you and move to the next area where they can get the kind of help that they need. Learn more about your employer; know the kind of services or products that are offered. There are people who may only be interested in learning about your company and may not be willing to go beyond the security checks. If you present information that’s helpful, you may have just won a customer for your employer, therefore take the time to learn, it’s not only helpful in your current engagement but will come in handy in the future. Also, always show a positive attitude, there are some people who will approach you in a bad mood, be different. Treat them with decorum and respect, never talk to them rudely or mistreat them. You’ll not only win their hearts but also present your organization positively.

A security guard is the face of an organization, he or she needs to present in a manner that exudes confidence. Confidence is gained through the way one presents themselves, you should be neat and smart, if you have a uniform, it should be well ironed and your shoes properly polished. One should also have the right attitude, if you appear as if your job is a nuisance, people will treat you differently. Commanding authority will earn you respect and will also make your job enjoyable, it may not be easy in the beginning, but with practice, you’ll make it.