Before being able to get a security guard job, usually there will be a few background checks done on you, before they offer you the position. The type of the background check depends on the type of security guard job you have chosen to apply for.

The most common checks are criminal record checks, background checks and maybe finger print checks. Some jobs will require you to have no police record at all, and some will expect you not to have a serious record with the police.

The companies run these tests in order to make sure that the person who will be hired is trustworthy, as large amounts of money are often involved, and in certain situations people’s lives could be at stake. These background tests help the people who run the security businesses decide if the applicant has the right qualifications and if the person is honest.

A criminal record is most likely to prevent you from getting a security guard job. Some companies may not care about minor offences, such as minor domestic problems, but they won’t hire you if your offences include stealing or violence. When undertaking a background test, you need to take it seriously, and be 100{a09961adefc142a94dc1f2d8fdaade653c4fae1db6db6a072adc0a7c597d34dd} honest.