After joining LinkedIn, you should create a well-thought profile, in order for you to be more appealing to employers. There are a few things to do to use your LinkedIn profile in its full capacity.

You should include a professional profile picture in order for employers to know how you look like. You do not have to be stiff; you can smile in order to look more approachable.

In your profile summary, you should include your skills as a security guard, such as critical thinking, excellent communication skills, and being physically fit. If you do not have experience as a security guard, this is okay, but make sure you include your past work experiences in other fields.

While referring to your skills, use tags that will help potential future employers find your profile.

Once your profile is finished, you should start connecting with people you know through previous jobs, or your current job. Once connected, you can ask them to recommend you. The recommendations act like references to employers, but through LinkedIn.

Apart from connecting with people, you can also join groups designed for job searchers, and which will help you get jobs. Look for the groups designed for security guards. Some of the groups focus on specific companies or regions. Once joined, you can start participating in the group by asking questions, commenting, or even answering other people’s questions. You can make more connections through these groups.