List your education
List any kind of education you have received. Even if you just graduated with a degree relevant to the job, it can work to your advantage. Be clear and also list what you have learned during your time at school.

Write out your objective
Objectives are really important about any position you wish to apply for. Be clear about the job you are trying to obtain and what your goals are.

Your experience in other jobs
Your previous work history is relevant to the job you are applying for now. Sometimes employers offer training, if you are the right person for the job and meet other requirements.

Don’t stretch the truth
Never lie on your resume. If your employer finds out, they can fire you on the spot. Some companies will offer the necessary training, so there is no need to lie, as the offered training will benefit them as well because they will get to teach you the things necessary for the specific job.

Do not stress out if you don’t have any experience at all. Always try to apply to new positions even if your qualifications are not enough.