Are you looking to pursue a career as a security guard in Australia? And at the same time, you wonder how much do security guards get paid? Well, if the answer to these questions is yes, this article is for you! Up next, we’ve shared our insight about the most common wages a security guard will get in the country.

How much do security guards get paid in Australia
The standard wage for security guards is established based on many factors. Experience, location, industry, employer, or duty risks are all essential in determining the monthly or annual salary.

#1 Experience
Indeed, there are plenty of job openings as a security guard in Australia. And not all employers look for several years of experience. They are more interested in your skills and abilities. Still, experience plays a significant role in establishing how much a security guard gets paid. Thus, an entry-level security guard with less than one-year experience can receive an average salary of AU$21.99 based on 12 salaries. An individual that has experience as a security guard in Australia between one and four years can earn an average of AU$22.58, while an experienced security guard with more than ten years of experience can earn an average of AU$23.23.

#2 Location
When it comes to how much you can make as a security guard in Australia, you should know that location plays a significant role. As an example, job openings in Cairns, Queensland, or Adelaide, South Australia, come with higher wages than the national average that ranges between 9 to 14 percent. At the same time, the lowest security guard salaries can be found in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, or Melbourne, Victoria.

#3 Employer
as it is the case with any hiring industry, the organization that offers job openings for security guards can determine a higher or a lower wage. As an example, banks offer a higher salary due to the increased security risks. At the same time, schools offer lower wages, while retail businesses established their own rates depending on working hours, traffic, and several other security risk aspects.

#4 Risks
So, as mentioned above, the salary for a security guard depends mostly on the risks involved. Also, armed security guards in Australia receive a higher hourly rate, as they work in a more demanding environment and must assess additional security risks. Overall, job openings that need a security guard to be armed at all times will pay more than it is the case with job openings that pose little to no risks.

#5 Skills
Many employers in Australia look for specific skills for their security guards. As such, it is not uncommon for some individuals to receive higher wages for similar positions with their colleagues. This is one of the reasons why a security guard should always focus on achieving further certifications after completing the standard training course. Nowadays, many employers look for security guards that are knowledgeable, attentive, and have quick response times.