If you’re looking for tips on how to get a job as a security guard in Australia, you’re in the right place. We’ve shared with you in this article, the top security guard qualities you must have to work in the Australian security industry. Of course, besides this, you will have to complete your security guard training and achieve your certificate. Let’s see up next what makes the best security guard in Australia.

#1 Responsibility
The first thing an employer will assess is whether or not you take your job seriously. This means you should always be prepared to use adequate equipment to deal with any situation that might occur. Besides proper clothing, you need to know how to use basic security gear, so that you can deal smoothly with any potentially dangerous situation.

#2 Truthfulness
Another skill any security guard must have is honesty. As such, the employer needs to trust you will do your job correctly so that you assure public safety. When going for an interview for a security guard position in Australia, you must always create and maintain a truthful image of yourself.

#3 Team player
Being a security guard is not only about your skills and certification. At the same time, it means you are a great team player. You will have to collaborate with fellow security guards with the sole purpose of covering and maintaining security efficiently. And another necessary skill might be communication. Employers will look for an individual that knows how to transmit a message quickly and effectively so that all team members understand it correctly.

#4 Physical strength
As you might expect, a security guard in Australia must have exceptional strength and fitness. Indeed, you won’t need it at all times, but it is always best to be prepared for a physical confrontation. So, an employer will look for an individual that it is both fit and strong enough to face any challenge.

#5 Reflexes
In your security guard training, you will hear a lot about reflexes. This means you need to be alert at all times and have the mental ability to assess a situation as fast as possible. Quick reflexes are the main trait of a reliable security guard.

#6 Values
Personal values represent another essential characteristic of a security guard. Many hiring employers in this industry will ask you questions about how you perceive life. Their goal is to identify whether or not you have respect for life. And this refers to knowing how much strength to apply in a confrontation. Those that respect life won’t injure the offender, but rather subdue him to cease the danger.

This being said, being a security guard in Australia is achievable if you focus both on your physical and mental traits and your training. So, if you were looking at tips on how to get a job as a security guard, you should start with those mentioned above. Having all those security guard qualities and security certification for Australia will definitely get you a lot of job openings.