Every Security Guard needs to know that at some point in their career, no matter how good you are at your job, someone will attempt to cause harm to a person, thing, or place you have been hired to protect. In that case, you will have to fill in an incidence report, and the degree of your knowledge in that matter can affect how the job is done in the future, and whether or not the client desires to continue working with the company that they have hired.

The first thing you should be aware of is that you will need to pay attention during the incident and stay focused in order to fill in the report with accuracy. Paying attention to small details will come in handy later, or else, you will find it difficult to recall certain things that might be asked.

As soon as possible, you should start writing down important details, or as many as you can remember. Some of these include the time that the authorities were called and when they arrived, which person, or which security guard spoke to the authorities when they were called, when the supervisor was called, and when anyone else was called, including the time.These details will make it easier to prosecute, if the incidence ends up going to court.

You will also need to remember what happened, and the order things took place. The order of the events is of crucial importance, in case the incidence goes to court.

In order to fill in an incidence report, you will need to have impeccable communication and thinking skills. You must be able to fill in the report as soon as possible after the incident so that the details will be fresh in your memory. Remember to be attentive and focused during an incident, and to take the necessary time to fill in the report, and be sure of each answer.