If you are looking into applying for a security guard position, you will have to make a really good resume in order for your future employers to know about your experience and skills. There are quite a few things you can include in your resume to make it better.
Include your skills:

If you have previously worked as a security guard, you have gained knowledge and many different skills. You might have good reporting; communicating or management skills, and it will be good to list them in your resume in order for the employers to choose you for the job.

List and include the objective:
An objective will show that you have goals in your mind that you are planning to achieve, and always customise it for each security guard job you apply for.

When applying for a security guard job, keep in mind that your resume is not the only resume the employers will have to read. That’s why you will have to be concise and to the point with your skills and objectives.

Even if you read your resume over and over, there might always be something you missed, and this is why you should get a second opinion. Have someone look it over for errors or for further advice on how to make it better.

Experience is a very important factor you will have to mention in your resume. Some employers value experience more than education. You should also include your work history and how you were an asset for the previous company you were working for.

No matter if you have gone to college or have just finished high school, you will want to list your level of education. If you have graduated from a college, list the type of course you studied, and its location. Also do not forget to add any relevant courses you have taken.

Before sending or giving in your resume, go over it and make sure that the font is easy to read, based on its font style and font size. You will want to sound like a professional, but don’t forget you are a real person too.
Spend as much time as you need on your resume in order for it to stand out amongst others.