There are plenty of job openings in Australia, especially when it comes to the security industry. And as a result, there are numerous accredited security guard training courses one can attend. Still, you should know that, based on the course you follow, you will receive a certificate for unarmed security guards in Australia. If you aim to get an armed security guard position, you will have to obtain a security guard license. Thus, for those looking for additional information on how to get an armed security guard license in Australia, the answer is offered up next.

How to get armed security guard license
Of course, the first thing you need to do is to identify the right security guard training provider in Australia. You will have to check and see if the organization is a registered training facility. Also, you can verify customer testimonials and trainers’ credentials, so that you make sure you will receive your security guard course from a professional.

After completing the entry-level course that allows you to get a private security license, you will be deemed eligible for working as an unarmed guard in locations such as arenas, shopping centers, construction sites, airports, or corporate offices. Still, if you want to work as an armed security guard in Australia, you will have to pursue higher qualifications. This means you will have to complete one of the following courses for armed guards:

#1 Armed guard cash-in-transit in Australia
For this position, you will need certification in Security Operations with the subsection Armed Guard Cash-in-Transit. This security guard training is created with the purpose of teaching individuals about how to work in collections, transfer & delivery of cash or any other valuables. It features courses on how to safely use a revolver handgun, handcuffs and batons, along with defensive techniques courses.

#2 Bodyguard in Australia
Another Security Operations training you can do to become an armed security guard is the one as a Bodyguard. Those attending such training will learn how to analyze and supply the resources required to offer protection to their clients. Amongst the top skills taught in such courses, we can mention escort formations and whether or not you need a 1F – Armed Guard license.

#3 Armed guard for environment security in Australia
Security guards can obtain an armed guard license if they plan to maintain the workplace, environment, and industry security. This means that any individual that aims to receive such a job must pursue a course and certification for a 1F – Armed Guard License.

Basic qualifications for an armed security guard
This type of training will not suffice when pursuing employment as an armed guard. You will need to have a valid driving license; you will have to pass a drug test and a background and criminal check. Besides, armed guards in Australia need to comply with the law and complete annual weapons training. Also, basic knowledge of criminal justice is necessary for an individual to perform his daily tasks correctly. So, to get an armed security guard license is more than achieving a certification. It refers to several steps one needs to take, including completing the required training, obtaining a valid weapons license, and continuously following the annual weapons training.