Although security guard training is very important, it can equal up to nothing if the right equipment is not provided. These security guard items make it easy and quick to respond to almost any situation. Here are five pieces of equipment that a security guard should have to perform his or her duty effectively.

This is one of the most important pieces of equipment for a security guard, it should be in place, whether during the day or night. I am sure you may be asking why one should have it during the day. A security guard may be patrolling inside, in areas which are not well lit; a flashlight will definitely come in handy. You may not be sure where surveillance may be needed, therefore have a flashlight with you whether it is midday or midnight. Also, for those who are trained to use the flashlight as a weapon, the tool comes in handy.

The right clothes
These include: waterproof jacket, and a bullet-proof vest which can protect the security guard against gunshots and shrapnel, high visibility clothes which increase the guard’s visibility. High visibility is meant to ensure the guard’s safety and also serve as a warning to those who may have intentions of breaking in. Boots are also must-have equipment, they come in handy for those who stand for long periods as well as for the security guards who may be required to walk over long distances. They are known to offer support and are also comfortable making long walks as well as elongated standing bearable.

Defense tools
A security guard can use different types of equipment to respond to nasty situations. This depends in where they are stationed. For some, pepper spray will be enough while some may require guns. Batons are popular with many security officers and so are pocket knives. This equipment is meant to help the officer respond to situations especially when they are attacked, they help in protecting themselves as well as others. Whatever defense tool is selected for security, the officer should be well trained to handle it. It’s important to note that the same weapon can be used by criminals to harm security guards as well as the people he or she is supposed to protect. This means that caution should be taken when selecting the tool, the officer should be well educated in its use and handling. Also, the relevant approvals should be sought, especially for guns, if held illegally it can lead to trouble with authorities.

Two-way radio
A two-way radio is to be carried at all times as communication with colleagues or the Centre is essential.

Mobile phone
Although a Security Guard will be using the two-way radio on his job a mobile phone is crucial to be able to make a quick call when needed. All important contact numbers should be on speed dial for easy access.

A heavy duty security belt is where most of the above equipment will be secured under one place and well organised to make one’s job easier accessing them when needed.

Other equipment pieces include digital cameras, a notebook and a pen, and gloves among others. Having this equipment allows a security guard to perform his or her duties well.