Security guards play a vital role in a company. They are there to make sure that the place and the people in it are always safe. They are also responsible for giving details of a possible incident to the authorities. Security guards can be found almost everywhere, from large corporation buildings, to private buildings, banks and shopping centres.

When an employer is looking to hire a security guard, it is essential that the candidate will have successfully finished their certified security guard training course, related to the position they have applied. A training course though is not enough to give you a job as a security guard.

Possible employers will want people in good physical condition, in order to fulfill the needs and duties of the job, such as protecting people from possible harm, or making sure a suspect does not flee before the authorities arrive.

Other traits also include first aid training or/and experience, as it might be necessary to use CPR or first aid skills if the need arises. A successful security guard should be able to communicate well with others and be able to use his critical thinking in order to make a difficult situation easier to handle.