There are many kinds of security guard jobs, and one of them is a shopping centre security guard. There is training involved necessary where you will learn how to manage all the responsibilities in that certain job.

Some of your responsibilities while working at a shopping centre will be preventing shoplifting and maintaining order among the crowds. You might need to resolve arguments or disagreements, or even escort people outside of the shopping centre, if things get out of hand. As a security guard, you can be expected to be at the shopping centre during opening times, but also when the centre is closed. One of your responsibilities is to make sure all the exits/doors/locks are secured when needed.

In increasing your chances of getting this job, you should have a high school diploma, or you should undertake a social studies course, government regulations or physical education. Also, you should make sure that you undertake a security guard training course that is accredited and certified. You will be asked to pass a criminal record check, so your employers will make sure you do not have a conviction or felony record.

Before starting the on-the-job training, you will need to take a training session in order for you to have a better understanding of how things work, what is expected of you and help you decide if you are suitable for this kind of security guard job. Your on-the-job training will include some knowledge about how to handle big crowds, law enforcement, and trespassing laws.