Security guard jobs heavily rely on background checks to hire and even fire. Background checks are partly done using tools such as websites and other online platforms. The information that is available on these platforms will greatly influence the decision to hire or fire. Given the importance of these tools, it’s important to ensure that online reputation problems do not jeopardize your prospects of a new job or even a promotion. Big firms and prominent people normally employ the services of a brand reputation company to manage their online reputation. Firms such as, and Blue Rabbit among others are some of the companies that have emerged in the recent past to assist individuals and corporations manage their online reputation. As a security guard, you may not be in a position to hire a firm but that doesn’t mean you should allow online reputation problems affect your career and life, you can do it on your own. Here are some steps that you can follow to manage bad reputation online.

Conduct a search of self in the internet
Experts advise that you carry out a search for your name on the internet. You’ll get results which are related to you or other people who share your name. Extend this search to images. This exercise helps you to find out what kind of information is out there about you, some may be good but all you are interested in is to manage the bad reputation that may have cropped up. You may not remove it but knowing about it can help you deal with it. Also, set up a Google Alert on your name, this will help you track new content anytime it appears. You will be notified at least once per day so that your email is not overwhelmed. With such information, it’s easier to track any bad information about you while capitalizing on the positive images created about you.

Create your own site
To counter the bad vibes about you, creating your own platform will help in pushing it. The old content will be pushed to the periphery while the new content appears first in searches. An employer doing a background search will mostly look at the first pages of the results. It may be hard to eliminate the bad vibes but when you have your own platform and keep it updated all the time the old and bad vibes won’t appear in the first pages. Some experts have advised creating several websites in a name close to yours in a concept they call snatching up domain names. They recommend you get more of these, however this may be excessive and take a lot of your time and still not achieve the desired results.

Join social networks
Subscribe to social networks; join Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, Pinterest, and Instagram among others. Take time to complete the profile. Be careful about what you post on these sites as it can be used against you. It’s also important to ensure that you’re active on the forums. This means login in frequently, say once per day. This will ensure that no one hijacks your account and posts damaging content.

Damaging information on the internet can ruin your chances of landing a job given that security companies will do a background check. Managing your internet content can help in avoiding a bad online reputation. While you can hire firms to stop the damage, at times this may be out of your reach, using these and other steps can help and save you some money at the same time.