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Security Guard Fitness

Although the security industry is known for inclusivity, the fact that it does not discriminate does not mean that they will accept almost anyone. There are some requirements that one should meet. Although no state explicitly requires any level of fitness, we know that companies who are looking to hire security guards normally ask for some sort of level of fitness. Most do this to ensure that the people they are hiring meet the requirements which will help them perform their duties effectively.

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Here are some fitness requirements that every security guard should know about.
A security guards’ job mainly involves observing and reporting, more so for the purposes of preventing and detecting crimes. These two tasks require a person who is keen. Observing requires an individual to have a good eyesight as well as hearing. If you have a poor eyesight or poor hearing, the task of observing will be compromised. However, this doesn’t mean that one can’t be a security guard if they have these problems. It’s advisable to reveal this from the word go, so that you can be deployed in the right areas. Non-disclosure, especially when one is only partially blind or deaf may lead to deployment in highly sensitive areas. This may lead to errors, some of which may jeopardize your capacity to progress.

You also need to be physically fit, you need to stand for hours without experiencing problems, run or walk for some distance as well as able to lift some objects. This level of fitness is required as there are some tasks which will involve running, walking or lifting. If you are not physically fit, you may get into trouble when faced with a situation where you may be required to chase a thief or even defend yourself. An employer will go for somebody whom he or she feels will make the organization safe. To get to the required level of physical fitness one needs to exercise and also eat a well-balanced diet. There is a need to walk, jog, cycle or engage in activities that allow you to build body strength. These exercises need to be regular and at the same time done in moderation to avoid injuries. Diet also plays an important role in ensuring that the body remains strong. One should aim to eat foods that give us strength as well as protect our bodies from infections.

Although, they are not in any way discriminatory against people with certain conditions, security companies will often shy away from this group. The main reason why a company hires you is to protect people and property. In the course of doing this, they’re also interested in ensuring that you are safe. No security company will put you in danger, either by poor equipment or giving you an assignment which they know you cannot handle. If you have any condition which can interfere with your work, it’s recommended that you disclose it early enough. This doesn’t mean that you will be dismissed outright; it allows the supervisors to place you in areas which you can handle. There are some people who love the security job but their health condition only puts them at risk. This is more so for people who may have vision problem, or they cannot withstand extreme cold among others.

If for any reason, find that you are not in shape; you need to ensure that you are in a position to handle what comes your way. Also learning about these requirements allows those who are looking for this job to be aware of the level of fitness required to allow them perform better as security guards.