You have now worked for the company for several years and feel that time is ripe for a pay raise. How do you approach it and increase the chances of getting what you need? Here are some tips on what you can do to get that deserved pay raise.

Be prepared
You need to be convincing and this will require some preparation. You’ll be facing your boss and he or she may be comfortable keeping you at the same spot given that the operation cost will be low. You must be convincing enough to make him or her part with money and give you a raise. Preparation involves anticipating the type of questions which may be asked and giving appropriate answers, those that can convince your boss to give you more and not feel that you are a financial burden to the company. One question that will definitely pop up is why you need that raise. Telling your superiors that you feel that have been around long enough to deserve a pay raise may not do the trick. They’ll need to hear what difference you have made and how you can be useful to the organization in the future. Have facts on your accomplishments and if possible produce documents or evidence to show them. In the course of preparing yourself, get your figures right, get some information on what would be an acceptable raise. You don’t want to propose a figure for your boss to call it outrageous. Ask around and be sure what you are asking is acceptable given your performance.

Timing is everything
Pick the right moment, it makes all the difference. You don’t want to go asking for a pay raise only to find that your boss has asked for your file due to some issues which have been raised about you by the senior staff. What you would probably get at such a moment is a warning letter or a dismissal note. Also avoid raising the issue when the company is facing a major problem. The boss is only focused on the issues and may not give your request serious attention. Arrange for a meeting when things look okay at the workplace, when the atmosphere is right. I am assuming that you have been learning fast and are already familiar with different situations at your workplace. Avoid arranging a meeting when your superiors are moody, I bet the only answer you will get at such a moment is a negative one. The time to ask is when the company has recorded a big success and the staffs are being rewarded for their contribution. I can assure you that even if you had been overlooked in the list of the people who were to be rewarded for good results, when you articulate your achievement well; your name will feature prominently in the list of those to get a pay raise.

Be realistic
You need to be realistic with the figures you present to your boss and also with timing. You may be working for a small company, so expecting a huge pay raise may be unrealistic and may land you a sack when the opportune time comes. You also need to be ready to take up more responsibilities when presented. This may not be what you were looking for, but when such an opportunity is presented even with a small pay raise, accept it. It’s a bridge that will take you to better prospects. You may not get the kind of money that you expected but at least you have something that can land you better deals in the future.
Also, you need to be prepared for a negative response. The employer may feel that it is not the right time for a raise either due to poor performance or other reasons. Life does not stop because we get a negative answer, we live to ask for a raise another day. You should not burn bridges just because you have not succeeded this time, there will be a next time and if you feel that can’t wait, starting planning for your exit.