Security guards are important to the firm that hires them, you’ll find them in the front office and they are the face of a company. This means that an employer must be very careful when hiring so that they end up with people who will represent them well. They’re looking for people who will make clients and customers feel welcomed and also safe while within the firm’s premises. Here are the top qualities that employers are looking for while hiring security guards.

Communication skills
Security jobs involve observation and reporting, to do this effectively one must be good with words, both written and verbal. One must be in a position to pass the message effectively to the client as well as employer. A security guard is among the first persons that a client meets when they walk into an organization’s premises, one need to have communication skills to make the visitors comfortable, feel safe and welcome in an organization. You may have all the other skills but if you’re inadequate in this area, people will find it hard to hire you. Therefore you’ll need to polish your communication skills; they not only help you land a job but also make performing it better.

Keen on details
Without a sharp mind, a security job can be dull and boring. The fact that one will be required to stand or sit for long hours, the employer will be looking for somebody who is creative and pays special attention to details. The job entails identifying problems, some of which may be small enough that one may end up ignoring them. With a sharp mind and by paying extra attention, this may never pass. Employers are looking for a person who is keen from appearance to every mundane thing that can in one way or another affect the security in a firm. So to score on this, one needs to pay attention to how they look, one needs to be smart, the level professionalism should be high and finally the way we speak, our choice of words tells a lot about our character. We can learn to be keen, it’s a skill that you’ll find useful in your security job, it’ll land you a job with the company of your dreams and also help you excel.

Team player
Security is not a one person show, it involves a lot of cooperation, where the whole company works together to identify, prevent and deal with threats. You are just a part of a larger team, each person plays his or her part and when one doesn’t it’s possible to put the whole system in jeopardy. You need to convince the prospective employer that you are team player, while this may not show during the recruitment process there are aspects that the employer will be looking at. If you’re a person who doesn’t get along well with others, you’re not only a problem to yourself but also have the capability of putting the company at risk. An employer will avoid you like the plague; they can tell a team player just by observing you for a few hours. So learn how to work with others, so that when something happens, you don’t have to speak or write about it, it will be seen.

Employers are interested in employing the best, people who will reflect the face of the company. If you possess these and more qualities then your chances of being hired and progressing within an organization are very high. If you do not have these qualities, start learning, it will not only help you secure the job but also help you perform better and progress in your career.