There are a lot of things in your job that might put you under pressure, such as being better in order to get a raise, or eliminate unwanted behaviour while on duty.

Try to visualise:
In order to avoid losing control is to feel comfortable dealing with your emotions. Try to challenge yourself by putting yourself in situations that you will experience confusion, fear, or any other kind of uncomfortable emotions, but try to do it in a safe environment. You will then easier turn those emotions into energy when needed.

Always Evaluate:
Before you act, think. Do not just jump in a situation. You should recognise potential dangers and threats before acting.

Have a plan:
If you more or less have knowledge about potential situations that may arise, try to create a plan in your head, to use, if an incident occurs.

If you don’t have a plan:
Try to figure out the situation and how critical it is. If it is extremely critical, you will need to act extremely fast. Plan a few steps ahead, and try to act as quickly as possible.